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Chairworks Kick & Snare Shots 1!

Image of Chairworks Kick & Snare Shots 1!

After spending my first three months making records out of my new spot 'The Chairworks' I'm super happy to release my first collection of single-shot Kick and Snare samples.

The pack comes with 5 kicks and 5 snares, split out into individual microphones (snare top, bottom, overheads and a collection of rooms) for maximum flexibility in your mix. There's a TCI for Trigger users, and .aiff's if you just want to drop them into your session.

The samples have been processed through a dream list of recording a equipment, an SSL G+ console, Neve and API preamps, Fairchild compressor, 1176, Distressors. And the raw drums themselves range from a vintage Ludwig Classic Maple kick to a Tama Starclassic, a Ludwig Black Beauty to it's older cousin the Ludwig Pioneer through to a ragingly loud Pearl Free Floater.